Made a Coaster From a Catalogue (127/366)

“I would sooner read a time-table or a catalogue than nothing at all. They are much more entertaining than half the novels that are written.”
~ W. Somerset Maugham


I love magazines and catalogs (at least the ones with interesting things in them).  I used to have a really hard time getting rid of my magazines when new ones came, and I used to save so many – but our house has too much clutter and we’re trying to clean it out.  I got rid of magazines that were years old a little while ago – I wouldn’t be surprised if it were about 50 lbs. worth – and I don’t subscribe to magazines anymore, but I still get catalogs.  Not many – I only get them from a few different places, where I actually buy stuff from – but even though I flip through them and usually don’t find anything new or exciting (if I really like the place, I frequent their website anyway), I still feel bad recycling a few of them, because I really like the style of the catalog, or what it represents.  For example, I really like the Title9 and Athleta catalogs – even though a lot of their items are too expensive for me (I buy practically everything from them on sale), I really like how their models are fit women, not just skinny ones – they have muscle definition, and they’re shown participating in the sports they love – which is great!

Anyway, my mom sent me a link from with “25 Crafty Ways to Reuse Junk Mail” the other day, and I saw some really cute ideas – one of which was to weave your own coasters out of the pages of a magazine or catalog.  I thought that would be a perfect way to still have the cool catalog (the photography and colors are really great, too) here, but to be able to use it in a unique way, instead of just tossing it in the recycling bin!

I started out by tearing out six pages from the catalog that I thought were particularly colorful, or that I liked the clothes on.  After trimming the rough edge so it would be straight, I cut each page in half lengthwise, so I ended up with twelve half sheets.

I folded the half sheets in half again lengthwise, and then in thirds.  These made the strips thicker and more substantial.  Then each long strip got folded in half at the center point.

These are the pieces you weave your coaster with.  Here’s a video of the weaving!

This was so cool.  I love being able to enjoy the colors of this catalog, mix them up in this cute way, and also to be able to have coasters that I not only didn’t have to pay for, but don’t mind if they get messed up … they were just made out of a catalog anyway!  If you have extra time on your hands, and some junk mail to get rid of (who doesn’t?), you should try this.  You could even make sets as little gifts.  Super cute!

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