Listened to an All-Beatles Radio Station (174/366)

“I ain’t got nothin’ but love, Babe.  Eight days a week.”
~ The Beatles


We’ve had some technical difficulties with the site and have had to move everything to a different format, not once, but twice (this year, alone!  We did it once last year as well!).  Because of this, I’m over a month behind writing entries.  Aargh!

Today I was fixing up formatting on previous posts – since we imported the site instead of writing it in the new format, there are some hiccups and unexpected translations of the files that I have to go back and correct so everything looks and works properly – if you notice any glitches, we’d totally appreciate a note about them!

Anyway, as you can imagine, fixing formatting on over 100 posts can be pretty tedious and boring.  I started early this morning and was getting drowsy a few hours ago, so I decided to play some music.

Normally I find that if I need to write, I can’t have other words floating around my airspace (Nick feels he works better with music, but he doesn’t listen to lyrics – if I hear other words, I get caught up in them and don’t feel like I can conjure my own as well), but since I wasn’t writing I thought I should try listening to some music to help keep me awake.

I started with the soundtrack to “Book of Mormon“, probably my favorite Broadway show of all time, and then I moved on to both Flight of the Conchords albums (if you’ve never seen their hilarious TV show, you need to get it and watch it right NOW).  After I’d listened to all of those, I realized there was no more music on this computer that I liked (I’m using Nick’s laptop, and this iTunes setup doesn’t have any of my music and not even all of his).

I went back to iTunes and clicked on the “radio” menu.  I sometimes listen to classical music when I’m working so there’s music but no lyrics, but I haven’t found a good classical station on iTunes.  I figured since I was doing okay with words for the past few hours, I’d try a regular music station.  I went to “Classic Rock” and woohoo!  A station called “ABC Beatles – The Beatles from A to Z” was near the top.  Yes, please!

The cool thing about this station is that they play sound clips from the Beatles along with the music, they play alternate versions of the songs as opposed to what you’d normally hear on a radio station (like live versions where there are flubs and the guys laugh and make commentary during the song), and they even play version of Beatles songs that are actually covers, like a version I heard of “And I Love Her” by The King’s Singers, a famous British a capella group.

I’m so glad I found this station.  I never, ever get tired of listening to The Beatles.  I really could listen to them eight days a week.  Hopefully listening to this station will help energize me through getting this site fixed and finally up to date!

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