Learned to Play “Annie’s Song” on the Guitar (53/366)

“No one taught me how to kip or climb a rope”
~ Annie Sakamoto

Two cool things are happening today. It’s my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!), and today they’re announcing the first WOD in the CrossFit Open, which essentially means the 2012 CrossFit Games are gonna be underway (Nick and I went to the Games last year for the first time). The Open is a worldwide, 5-week event where anyone who registers can compete with CrossFitters from around the globe, and for the truly elite, earn a spot at the Games.

I wanted to do something for my dad today, and I know my dad used to really like John Denver‘s music. I thought I’d learn “Annie’s Song” (one of Denver’s greatest hits, which he wrote for his then-wife) on the guitar, and then I found out Nick had never even heard the song before. So I decided I really did have to learn that one, and I found the chords here. But also wanted to do something to celebrate the Open, and one of the original CrossFitters – my CrossFit heroine, Annie Sakamoto – so of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone; I changed the lyrics a bit.

Here’s an example of the original:

And here’s my version of “Annie’s Song”. Please turn the sound down low, and enjoy.

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