Moved a Whole [Local] Blog to a Web-Based Site (147/366)

“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”
~ Karl Augustus Menninger

A little while ago, I worked with WordPress for the first time.  The system we were using this year for writing the blog isn’t working properly, and we discussed the idea of moving the entire blog from the software program we were using to WordPress instead, a web-based blog program.  Moving to WordPress would mean that I could access the website from any computer with internet access instead of having to use my specific laptop to make changes.  It would also allow me to use an iPad or my iPhone to make changes to the site if I needed to.

Well I resisted this day for as long as I could – I didn’t want to have to move the whole site – I couldn’t possibly know what things I might have missed as far as editing posts, writing new ones, or how the imported blog is going to act (and/or what I’ll have to do to fix it!).  But it doesn’t look like we’re going to find a fix for the RapidWeaver plugin that failed on us, and before that hangup I was already behind on my writing.  I need to get moving, and so … today I imported all of the 2012 posts written so far to a site.  Yikes!

The process itself was actually simple, just nerve wracking for me.  I created a account, which really was created “in seconds” – it was super quick – almost too quick, which was another reason I felt so pressured to bring over to WordPress.

I looked over the dashboard and, like when I first worked with WordPress, I clicked on just about every link on the dashboard page, to see what everything did.  Although since working with WordPress for the first time I’ve gotten more accustomed to the site, this is different – I’ll have to work with the files I worked so hard to create already – and tweak or fix a bunch of stuff.  Argh!

Finally, I went to “tools” to import our blog to the WordPress site.  If you have an export file, you can upload it, but we didn’t have a file so I just held my breath and clicked “Authorize” under the “Import Blogger” heading.  WordPress took care of the rest!

All of our posts that were published were brought over to WordPress, including their photos.  Some of the formatting is a little off, so I have to figure that out, and there are some other little glitches, but for the most part, it’s done.  There were several posts that were in the draft stage that for some reason didn’t get brought over, but that’s okay.  I’ll just have to copy and paste these from our RapidWeaver file (the program has been open this entire time since we can’t save!), and I’ll have to go through everything and tweak it all.  Although of course I wish I hadn’t had to transfer everything over, I think this will end up being better for the site overall.  We’ll see!

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