Hosted a Superbowl Party (36/366)

“I predict one of these two teams will win the Super Bowl.”
~ Gilbert Gottfried

Superbowl Sunday! Patriots vs. Giants! Meh. But party party PARTY!

We love entertaining. We love having people over to just hang out, but we also like having special events that we can do something different with. Like build an edible stadium out of snack foods.

Although we’ve had plenty of parties and barbecues over the years, we realized we had never actually thrown a Superbowl party. The Niners haven’t been able to revisit their glory days of the 80’s for quite a while, so we really haven’t cared much about the Superbowl in the past decade or so … but this year, with Jim Harbaugh‘s electrifying coaching and the Niners’ spectacular 2011 season (13-3!), we had a shot. We didn’t make it in, but at least we had a team we actually cared about in it – down with the NY Giants (they beat us in the NFC Championship game in overtime to get to the Superbowl)! Just kidding. But also, the New England Patriot superstar quarterback Tom Brady is a local boy from San Mateo, whose all-time hero is the legendary Joe Montana. Go Pats!

We woke up early so Nick could start seasoning and smoking his famous ribs in our beloved char-griller:

The field was made ready, and Coaches Nick and Wayne decided on the team’s formations:

Mom even brought some ridiculously beautiful and delicious spinach treats, and we stocked the cooler.

Mike was the first to arrive. He thought the edible stadium was pretty cool.

But we had way more food coming, including beef ribs, asparagus:

And Nick’s smoked baby back ribs.

There was a lot of excitement:

Because there were some great commercials and delicious food. Not to mention, an awesome group of people.

While the Patriots didn’t emerge victorious in this Superbowl, the party was a success. Next year, we’ll throw an even bigger event when the Niners are in it. Who’s got it better than us?! Nobody!!!

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