Hosted a Hot Pot Dinner (315/366)

“You can do almost anything with soup stock, it’s like a strong foundation. When you have the right foundation, everything tastes good.”
~ Martin Yan


Dad and Stella were up for a visit and we had a family dinner.  Stella likes hot pot, which is a method of cooking at the table using – you guessed it – a hot pot, with flavorful broth.  I’ve had hot pot before, but dinner was at our place tonight, so I got to see all that went into this delicious meal.

Last night, we froze a leg of lamb and thawed it a bit today, so it would still be firm enough to slice very thinly.  We also peeled and cut up:

Lotus Root

Daikon Radish

Winter Melon

Okinawan Sweet Potatoes

and had

Lobster/Fish Balls

Fried Fish and Firm Tofu

Enoki Mushrooms

and Yam Noodles – cool, huh?  Noodles made from yam starch!

All these ingredients are fantastic, but you can’t have hot pot without some awesome broth.  The pot we used has a divider so you can have two different kinds of broth – we did one spicy and one mild.

We also peeled and cut some persimmons to eat along with the salty, spicy, delicious hot pot food.

Everybody in the pool!

This was delicious but also very fun.  It’s such a cool thing to be able to cook the food right at the table – it makes dinner more of an interactive event and lets people have their food at varying levels of “doneness” which is nice.  We’ve done tabletop Korean BBQ here at the house before, but it’s a bit messy with the grease splatter that goes on – and I really like the idea of dividing the cooking flavors between spicy and non for different people.  Now I’m thinking of getting a hot pot for myself so we can do more hotpot cooking!

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  1. Ying says:

    And since you have temporary custody of the hot pot, you can have several more hot pot dinners!

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