Heard Pixar in Concert (210/366)

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”
~ Leo Tolstoy


Tonight, our awesome friend Aaron took us to enjoy “Pixar in Concert” – for the first time, Pixar is presenting a compilation of the music and imagery from their thirteen feature films, performed by various symphonies while on tour in the U.S., and for us, by the San Francisco Symphony.

The concert was held at Davies Symphony Hall, here in San Francisco.  We arrived early, and the hall was festively set up for the occasion.  Already decorated for spring, the motif was totally appropriate for the larger-than-life worlds that Pixar creates in its films.  They had a few bars set up, and specialty cocktails for the occasion too, which was fun.  Cheers!

The hall is a a gorgeous and state-of-the-art facility.  The architecture, the shapes of the elements in the room, and the glass-like panelling hung from the ceiling is all not only stunning, it was designed to make the sound in the room just as beautiful as it looks.

The concert was just wonderful.  The music and images brought us from the intense fear and anxiety in “Finding Nemo,”

to the excitement of flying in “Toy Story” and the marvel at the sweeping views of Paris in “Ratatouille,”

through the grief and sadness at the enormously moving opening montage in “Up” and even to some dramatic energy of their brand-new “Brave.”

This was an absolutely lovely evening – Pixar has made some of the most magical and beautiful animated films that we’ve had the pleasure of watching, and it was a real treat to be able to experience the images and scores of these movies presented in this different, and just as emotionally moving way.  Thanks so much for an unforgettable time, Aaron!


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