Had Star Noodles (306/366)

“Just the process of making our noodles, from carefully mixing in the water to the flour, to rolling it out on our 75-year-old noodle machine, to drying it overnight, cooking it all fresh in the morning, to hand drying it, makes it very special.”
~ Chef Sheldon Simeon


On our trips to Maui, Mom and I like to not only enjoy the wonderful restaurants we’ve come to favor over the years, but to find new taste adventures.  One of the great things about Maui’s culinary scene is that freshness, locality, purity, quality, and sustainability are always on the minds of the Islands’ top chefs.  Today, we got to sample dishes from one of Hawaii’s rising culinary stars, at Star Noodle in Lahaina.

Mom had heard of Star Noodle and told me she was interested in trying the place.  I checked them out of Yelp and they had four stars on hundreds of reviews.  Promising!

We went in between lunch and dinner – luckily for us, they just recently began serving all day instead of closing down between the lunch and dinner times.  Star Noodle is in a small-looking, unassuming building in the midst of warehouses and development  in Lahaina, on the mauka (mountain) side of the Honoapi’ilani Highway.  The decor is modern, clean and bright.

We were greeted by our server, Marcello, and he told us about some of the local favorites on the menu.  We chose the brussels sprouts with kimchee puree and kimchee dust, the Vietnamese crepe, the Look Moore Funn noodles, and the Kimchee Ramen. Yum!

The Vietnamese Crepe came out first: ground pork and shrimp with bean sprouts, cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in a crispy crepe shell, served with butter lettuce, Thai basil, cilantro, mint, more bean sprouts, and carrots, along with a sweet, tart, spicy dipping sauce.  Just so gorgeous, fresh, and delicious.  We loved this dish.

Next came the brussel sprouts.  Just fantastic.  The salty bacon, the smoky char on the brussel sprouts, along with a bit of the kimchee puree and a swipe of the kimchee dust, was a perfect combination.  This came together beautifully.

Next came the kimchee ramen.  Savory, spicy, lovely.  Everything is house-made, from the noodles to the kimchee, and it is all so good (this is actually why I said the place is “small-looking” – behind the dining room is a kitchen twice or three times as large!).  I particularly liked how the kimchee stood up to the broth – with most kimchee ramens I’ve had, the kimchee ends up getting water logged and the flavor is diluted quite a bit.  Not so here!

And finally, the Look Moore Fun.  This had “fun” written all over it (come on, I HAD to!).  The noodles are rolled up as sheets and then cut, so they’re served almost like little packages.  You can pluck a noodle from the bunch and swirl it around in the rich, velvety black bean accented sauce, or unravel several like we did, just to show you how they look.  Either way, along with the sautéed choy sum and chili sesame oil, it’s absolutely marvelous.

If you’re ever on Maui, you need to go to Star Noodle.  As we ate and enjoyed, we talked to our very gracious server Marcello a bit and he even told us chef Sheldon Simeon (a homegrown Hawaii local boy) recently took a leave of absence … to compete on the show “Top Chef“!  Now I’ll have to watch Top Chef this season, to root for the chef of one of my new favorite restaurants!  Maika’i!

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  1. Ying says:

    Loved, loved, loved this place. Da bestest!

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