Had Perrier-Jouët Champagne (134/366)

“Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?”
~ Noel Coward

Happy Mother’s Day!

This morning, we did brunch for my mom for Mother’s Day, here at the house. We prepared our own take on the so-hip-young-people-call-it-iconic Chicken & Waffles – Nick made Thomas Keller’s roasted chicken, I modified a pancake recipe I found online and did buckwheat buttermilk waffles, and we also roasted asparagus. But to make this brunch even more special (and because there was a fantastic sale at Safeway), we decided to pour Perrier-Jouët Champagne. I’d never had it before, so it was something nice for Mom, but also a little treat for the chef!

I just realized we didn’t take ANY pictures of the breakfast – we were more concerned about getting everything ready for Mom!  As it should be.  But it makes this post so short!  I’ll just have to describe our meal.  The chicken came out beautifully – Nick actually roasted two – they were gorgeous.  Wonderful, crispy skin, and the meat, even the white meat, was so juicy.  We had heaping stacks of waffles, and the buckwheat went really, really well in this application.  I always find buckwheat pancakes kind of mealy or grainy – strange, because I like pancakes with cream of wheat or cornmeal in them, but there’s something about the buckwheat that I don’t like.  However in waffles, it’s a fantastic addition.  The roasted asparagus was perfectly salty, smoky, and had a nice bite from the lemon juice Nick used.  The combination of all of our elements was very, very tasty!

We sipped the champagne.  I really enjoyed these bubbles. Perrier-Jouët has a nice yeasty quality like other traditional French champagnes, but it’s actually somewhat subtle and the overall quality is bright, crisp, and fresh.  This went SO well with our brunch.  Something sweeter and fruitier would have detracted from all the lovely savory flavors we had in the chicken & waffles and asparagus.  This champagne was the perfect for our meal.  I can’t wait for the special occasion to have some again!  Cheers!

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