Had Mulligatawny (192/366)

Elaine: Mulligatawny?
Kramer: Yes, it’s a delightful Hindu concoction simmered to perfection by one of the great soup artisans in the modern era.
Elaine: Who, the Soup Nazi?
Kramer: He’s not a Nazi, Elaine. He just happens to be a little eccentric. Most geniuses are.


I, like many Americans, first heard of Mulligatawny from the Seinfeld show.  It’s got such an awesome name, I don’t know if there actually was another story about the *real* “Soup Nazi’s” Mulligatawny or what, but I’m glad they talked about it on that episode, because it totally stuck in my head, even though I never tried it after that … until tonight!

One of our favorite Indian restaurants we order delivery from, Star India, has Mulligatawny on their menu, so we ordered some.  It’s got a beautiful color from the curry powder in it, and though it’s not super thick, it has a velvety texture.

It also has tomatoes, onions, and tandoori chicken in it – and it seems like also coconut milk and actually lemon juice, too – and it all comes together really beautifully in this dish.  The creaminess of the coconut milk cut by the tartness of the lemon juice, the smokiness of the chicken, and the sweet tomatoes make this such a wonderful soup!

In doing research for this post, I’ve seen recipes that don’t use lemon juice, and since most are home recipes, they don’t use tandoori grilled chicken, but that smokiness and tartness was what made me love Star India’s version.  I’ve also read that many versions of Mulligatawny are thickened with rice, but although Star India’s isn’t, it’s still fantastic. If you’re in SF, you should try it!

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