Had Lobster Jook (Chinese Rice Porridge) (197/366)

“These are a few of my favorite things …”
~ Rodgers and Hammerstein, “The Sound of Music


Tonight, Nick made me my special dinner for the month of July. When he made me “Foie Five Ways” a few weeks ago, we joked that he wouldn’t be able to top that meal. Well, true to form, he totally did. With aplomb.

Tonight he served “Fancified Family Favorites” – dishes that are very special to him and myself, with a gourmet spin on preparation and presentation.

He made Peking Duck on Sticky Rice with Duck Sausage and Button Mushrooms, replacing the traditional lop cheong and shiitake mushrooms that I don’t like. It was awesome!

For veggies, he did Broccolini, “Dim Sum Style” – steamed and dressed with oyster sauce. YUM.

He also made Oxtail Stew with Coins of Potato and Carrot – a beautifully gourmet presentation of a “peasant food staple” – kind of like “Ratatouille” was!

He even made a Homemade Black Tea Steeped Vodkatini for me. A perfect accompaniment!  But the crowning glory (if there was one – it was all so outstanding!) was the Homemade Lobster Jook and Yau Jau Gwai (savory doughnut). He took lobster shells we had been saving and made his own broth, made the jook with that, steamed some lobster meat to go with it, and even made the yau jau gwai himself from scratch – from flour to frying. Awesome!

The jook was delicate but flavorful – I was concerned it might come out kinda “fishy” since I’d never had jook made with a seafood-based broth before, but it wasn’t fishy at all – it was fantastic. The lobster meat added more dimension to the dish and it (and the entire meal, really) was this perfect combination of intricate yet hearty, subtle yet powerful, gourmet and yet so beautifully “down home”.

This was a home run (ha ha ha – pun totally not intended but hilarious!). An awesome mix of homey, comfort foods with a fantastic gourmet presentation – a delicious juxtaposition of two very different, magical, and wonderfully inspiring worlds. Thank you to my brilliantly talented husband for this unforgettable meal!

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