Had Butter-Poached Steak (337/366)

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”
Julia Child

Ah, Julia.  That woman was a genius.  I always loved watching cooking shows with my grandma on Saturday afternoons (before anything like Food Network existed), and over the almost 60 years she spent bringing French cooking to America, until shortly before she passed away in 2004, Julia Child still loved to cook, laugh, and explore new things.

I think she would have loved sous vide cooking (which I did for the first time just a few days ago), just for how neat of a concept it is (though first developed in the 60’s, sous vide cooking has only really grown in popularity somewhat recently).  You can basically cook your entire piece of meat (you can sous vide veggies too, but meat is the most impressive use, IMO) to the exact same doneness all the way through, and at the same time impart some delicious flavor, because you are vacuum sealing it all together before it goes into a water bath, in which it cooks for an extended period of time – while you (and this would be Julia’s favorite part) relax and have a glass of wine.

Tonight, Nick wanted to try out some sous vide cooking, and decided he’d do steak.  And crazy gourmet genius that he is, he decided to do a sous vide butter poaching.  He picked up some grass-fed tri-tip, seasoned the steaks with salt, and then added butter to the bags before vacuum-sealing them and dropping them into their bath at 130F.  As they cooked, the butter melted and surrounded the steaks.

When they had finished cooking in the water bath, they looked kinda like corned beef – just a pale pink, not super appetizing on the outside – but you could see they had a nice, buttery environment to cook in.  They just needed some finishing off!

Nick peppered the steaks and moved them to a hot pan to sear.  Looking GOOD!


Now, here’s the beauty of the sous vide: look how lovely even the first cut is – and it’s not just the first cut – the rest of the meat is cooked to exactly the same perfection.


This butter-poached steak was divine.  Tasty, rich, and totally buttery.  And the sous vide method is so cool – almost our entire family likes their steak cooked the same way, and now we can make sure the whole thing comes out the way everyone likes it!  Bon Appétit!

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