Had Buli Buli (258/366)

258BuliBuliTop“If you’re cheap, broke or a combination of the two, here’s a quick and easy way to Rachael Ray some crappy beer.”
Andy Wright, SF Weekly


We were near the ballpark today (let’s go, Giants!) and decided to have lunch in the neighborhood.  As we were walking along, we saw the sign for a place called Primo Patio Cafe, and their menu looked interesting.  Their Yelp! score was also promising, so we decided to give them a try.

It was hot today, so I ordered a glass of sparkling wine and Mom got a Mango Mimosa.  Yum!  But in perusing the menu more, we found this:

A beer cocktail, served by the pitcher.  Sounded kinda crazy, but also sounded like it could be totally refreshing!  Nick was with us, so we had a designated driver anyway.  One pitcher of Buli-Buli, please!  For lunch, we all shared some tapas and an entree: the Spicy Corncake, Ceviche, BBQ Jerk Steak, and Snaps & Fries.  Delicious, fresh, and such beautiful colors!
258CorncakeV 258CevicheH 258SteakH 258SnapsFriesV

And of course, let’s not forget the Buli-Buli.  When the pitcher came out, it did look refreshing and tasty.
258BuliBuliPitcher 258Closeup

And it really was!  Lime and beer is already a pretty common combination, and Primo Patio Cafe doesn’t add a ton of sugar, just enough to make the drink a bit fruitier – and the ice made everything lighter, in a good way.  Buli-Buli is pretty good, and definitely adds some fun to sometimes boring beer on a hot day.  ¡Salud!


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