Had a Porter Brewed with Spruce Tips (282/366)

282SpruceTop“True to legend [of Peter the Great], I’ve brewed it strong enough to survive a cold winter voyage (from the brewery to the house).”
~ Joe Pond of Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company


Our good friend Ken and I have a beer trade going on, so he’s always sending me awesome brews, but we’re also both on the look out for different and interesting things that the other person might not be able to get locally.  I love Porters, and awhile back, I received this “Ode to a Russian Shipwright” Porter from Ken, made by Olvalde Brewing Company in Minnesota, where Ken lives!  This was the very first edition of a newly created seasonal beer, which is awesome, and the thing that makes this brew so interesting is that it’s brewed with spruce tips!  Very cool!
282BottleTopV 282LabelCloseH

The color: Super dark, almost black – reviewers likened it to used motor oil and I won’t disagree.  Just how I like my porters or stouts.

The nose: Sweet (in a good way), toasty, and the spruce comes out nicely without being overpowering.

The taste: Nice carbonation, very thick and almost syrupy, but not off-putting – deep chocolate flavors, and again in flavor, the spruce is there, but is not overpowering, which I was afraid of.  A wonderful, seasonal, sipping beer.  Vashee zda-ró-vye!


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