Had a “Green Smoothie” (222/366)

“It’s not easy, being green …”
~ Kermit the Frog


Yesterday, Nick and I tried out our brand-new Blendtec blender.  It’s awesome.  We made a chocolate dessert out of dates, coconut milk, cacao powder, and … an AVOCADO.  It was delicious, healthy, and ridiculously easy to make.  While we didn’t go crazy and try to blend an iPhone in it, we were super excited to try other recipes.  This morning, we thought what a great way to use our new blender again would be to make a smoothie in it – but not just any smoothie – I wanted to try more “weird” combinations, so we looked up a recipe for a “green smoothie” – one with more vegetables in it!  Seemed strange to me, but yesterday so did putting an avocado in a dessert.  I mean seriously, if you can add greens to a smoothie and have it still come out tasting pretty good, I’m all for it.  Today, we gave this a whirl (heh heh).

I found a recipe for “Green Pineapple Paradise” in the Blendtec recipe book’s “Green Smoothies” section.  Awesome!  Pretty simple, and we had all the ingredients on hand.  Spinach is a green we like to have in salads, but sometimes we have a hard time eating it all before it starts to wilt (and we don’t like cooking it often – it shrinks away to nothing!) – how great to be able to throw it in a smoothie!

I poured in the water and pineapple slices (we didn’t have any fresh, but had this can in the pantry – score!),

And then in went the other half of the avocado we used yesterday for our awesome Fudgesicle Frosty, and on top of that, the spinach and the ice.

But will it blend?!  This is using the “Smoothie” button, which blends at various speeds during its cycle, to better incorporate the different textured ingredients (and crush the ice).  Cool!

And here’s the finished product:

This smoothie was AWESOME!  Rich, creamy, sweet, and super healthy.  There’s SPINACH and AVOCADO in my breakfast smoothie!  Oh Blendtec blender, where have you been all my life?  I used to like making smoothies with my regular blender, but I got out of the habit – I’d always get the occasional big chunk or two of ice, and I’d NEVER try to blend greens in along with the other stuff.  I just knew it wouldn’t work right.  With this, I can incorporate a whole bunch of great ingredients into smoothies, but also desserts like last night’s, soups, and tons more.  I’m excited to see what else I can make with just the recipe book included.  I am totally happy with this machine.  Cheers!

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  1. Ying says:

    Ooh, ooh, ooh! Green eggs and ham and green smoothies for brunch!

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