Grilled Lobster Tails (133/366)

“When I get a chance to play golf or go on a boat with good people, take the boat out and put some lobsters on the grill, get the ice-cold beer and the cigars – that’s Heaven here on earth.”
~ Bernie Mac

Some of our favorite people in the world are in town visiting from Hawaii, and not only is it the day before one of them has a birthday, but tomorrow is also Mother’s Day!

Since the weather has been so beautiful, we thought we’d have a barbecue. They hadn’t had Nick’s delicious smoked ribs yet, and I decided to try making it extra special with some lobster. I’d never had lobster off the BBQ before, so I thought it sounded like a delicious INDT.

I looked up information on grilling lobster tails online, and there were ones that included boiling first and finishing on the grill, charring on the grill first and poaching or butter basting on the stove top afterward, and other multi-step recipes, but I wanted to be able to prepare these solely on the grill, so I found this link that had a very simple, all-grill method.

First I split the lobster tails in half, then I drizzled olive oil on them and sprinkled them with a bit of salt and pepper.

They went on the grill, flesh side down first so they could char a bit, and when they’d been on for a minute or so, I flipped them over so they could finish cooking on the other side.

As they were just getting close to being done, I took them off the grill, and slathered them with a garlic and herb butter.  YUM.

This was so delicious and easy (ha, especially since I now use the charcoal chimney starter for our grill that we bought last year).  I really love steamed lobster because it keeps the meat soft, juicy, and tender, so I was afraid that grilling them would dry out the meat (I don’t care for “broiled” lobster tail), but being careful not to overcook the tails of course helps the meat retain its juice.  The tails did stick to their shells a bit which was a bummer, but next time I may try partially removing the meat and making sure there’s some  oil between the shell and the meat to prevent it from sticking.  I think cooking the tails in their shells had something to do with the moisture retention so I wouldn’t want to remove the meat fully.

The next time you want to do something casual but special, think about picking up some lobster tails for the grill.  Everyone will appreciate the little gourmet touch, and you’ll hardly have to do any extra work for it.

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