Gotten a Rally Rag (264/366)

264RallyRagTop“Get out there and get your orange on!”
Mike Krukow


A little while ago, I watched my first ball game from the Club Level and it was AWESOME – well today, Nick and I decided to treat Mom to *her* first game in Club Level; and one of the things we were REALLY excited about for today’s game was the fact that they were handing out orange rally rags!  In all the years we’ve come to the ball park, we had never been lucky enough to be here for such a magical event as rally rag day.  But it didn’t stop there – along with our rally rag, we got coupons to the newly opened Melt eatery (who sponsored the rally rags).  Woohoo!

We strolled the Club Level and got to see our newest team member Hunter Pence‘s bobble head that was given out in Philly recently, even though he’s now playing for the *right* team (hee hee) – he even had a note included with the bobble head to the fans back in his old park.  What a class act.

Together We’re Giant.

What a great day to be at the ballpark!

Kuip even took a picture with us – and Mom got to show off her rally rag … her first also!  And – we WON.  Of course.
264DuaneH 264VirginV

One of the best games we’ve been to this year – and they’ve all been AWESOME.  Let’s go, GIANTS!!!


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  1. Ying says:

    That truly was awesome!!! Thanks, again….Giants rule!!!!!

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