Flown on Jet Blue Airlines (248/366)

248JetBlueTop“Someone has to stand up for tall people. The most legroom in coach.”
~ JetBlue


Back in the late 90’s, JetBlue Airways was born, the brainchild of several former Southwest Airlines employees.  Their aim was to offer low cost flights, but to distinguish themselves through their amenities and quality of service on flights.  I remember when they first emerged on the airline scene, I was excited to fly with them – but since I usually only take one or two trips a year, it took about a decade (and someone else booking the flight) for me to finally fly JetBlue.  Yep!  We’re still moving on this crazy trip – it didn’t stop with just SoCal!

When we got to the gate, I was bummed to find this display – no free headsets, huh?  Well, I guess at least they’re only two bucks … but on our seats there were “Snooze Kits” which are pretty cool – an eye mask and ear plugs!  I tossed mine in my carry on – I’ll be thankful for it on a particularly long flight someday, I’m sure.
248HeadsetsV 248SnoozeKitH

One of the special amenities Jet Blue touted was a screen at every seat.  That’s cool – but since we fly Virgin America mostly, this wasn’t a big deal anymore.  Wait, a minute – I have to look at the seatback card for a menu?  I also found out later that they don’t do in-seat ordering either (as Virgin does – not sure what the credit card swiper is for then – boo!).

The selection was pretty standard compared to other airlines as far as what you could purchase goes.  But they did have a pretty cool little selection of complimentary snacks – something most domestic airlines don’t offer at all.
248MenuH 248SnacksV

Hey, whaddya know – Terra Blues is *the* official chip of Jet Blue.  And they had a contest going on!  Snapped a quick pic of N for the occasion.
248Chips2V 248Nick2V

The seats felt kinda cramped even though JetBlue’s supposed to have more legroom than most airlines, and the plane we flew in was a little old – like I said we’re used to Virgin America and they started out in 2007, so it may not be fair to judge between the hype I remember from JetBlue at their inception.  One of the other cool things about JetBlue is that your first checked bag is free, but since this was a flight in the middle of our trip (we flew down to LA from SF already on Virgin), I didn’t have a bag I wanted to check anyway – but this is a nice perk, of course.  I was a little bummed it wasn’t a super exciting new airline experience, but overall, the flight was fine, and I don’t think I’d hesitate to fly them again (if Virgin didn’t serve the destination I wanted to travel to – the one drawback of Virgin’s service)!


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