Explored the Website “SeriousEats.com” (317/366)

“Sometimes we write about French wine, sometimes we write about Bud Light.”
~ SeriousEats.com

Nick and I are “foodies”.  We love cooking, trying new cuisines, new taste combinations, and of course, we love eating great food.  But we’re NOT food snobs.  As much as we had the time of our lives on our Thomas Keller weekend with our marathon meal at the French Laundry, and enjoyed dining the Restaurant at Meadowood this year, our favorite fast food fried chicken is hands-down Popeye’s, and one of the best culinary creations in existence is an El Farolito burrito from San Francisco’s Mission district (Nick even did a blind taste test last year to prove it).

Which is why it was such a huge thing for me to discover “SeriousEats.com” today.  I mean, I think I’ve Googled a recipe and had a link bring me to a page on this site before – the name wasn’t totally foreign to me – but for some reason, I was brought to the site today … and actually *explored* the wonderful delight that it is!

From their “about” page: “Serious Eats is a family of websites dedicated to the celebration of food—of all kinds. From fast food to fine dining, from restaurant kitchens to yours, and from coast to coast (and around the world). On each of our sites and through our online community, we aim to be passionate, discerning, and inclusive in our appreciation of everything edible.”

This site has everything – from research pieces by “The Food Lab” on food and cooking, to crazy experimental monsgastroties (yep, made that one up) like their “Thanksgiving Cherpumple” – layers of pot pie, stuffing, sweet potato pie and more:

to great creative culinary pieces like “Ramen Hacks” – this one actually pushed the envelope quite a bit with 30 different recipes!

There are other branches of SeriousEats.com like their Drinks, Sweets, Burger, and Pizza sites, too – these each have tons of articles just like the main SeriousEats page – interest pieces, recipes … just tons of great information.

This website is awesome.  If you like food (who doesn’t?) you should totally check it out – just maybe set a timer for yourself.  You could easily spend hours surfing here – and learning of course – but don’t blame me if you lose track of time and find you’ve not gotten anything done all day (except maybe bookmarked a bunch of recipes and cool articles) and you’re starving.  Ha!

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  1. Ying says:

    You are absolutely 100% right about this website – it is totally awesome! The graphics are great, the articles are timely and written well. And I DID get sucked down the rabbit hole…at least I found out what a cherpumple is!

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