Eaten at the Restaurant at Meadowood (177/366)

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”
~ Luciano Pavarotti


Nick’s been on a bit of a Michelin Star restaurant kick this year – we had a ridiculously awesome Thomas Keller weekend a while ago, with the highlight being a beautiful marathon meal at the French Laundry – and for my birthday, we decided to pay a visit to the other 3-Star restaurant in Northern California, the Restaurant at Meadowood tonight.

The look of Meadowood is very clean, bright, and yet warm.  Beautiful!  We really liked the decor and settings – and how cute, the staff had a birthday card for me (signed by Nathaniel Dorn, Director)!

Unfortunately, unlike at the French Laundry, we didn’t have a printed menu to take home, and I didn’t want to be the food nerd taking notes at every course (taking pictures of each felt funny enough – Nick took most of them at the French Laundry) – so I don’t have a complete “formal” title for each photo – but the dishes were so beautiful, with such a fresh, organic feeling to them, that I think the pictures speak so much louder than words anyway.

We started with some beautiful bites: Steamed Carrot Cake , a “Crispy Pillow” with Fromage Blanc Mousse,

Geoduck Clam Fritters (chowder inside a lightly fried ball of heaven), a Lemon Shrimp Toast with housemade mustard and horseradish, and a Brown Butter “Rock” topped with a dot of huckleberry jam,

and a Garden Crudité offering with a Romaine lettuce crème fraîche and a “vinaigrette snow” – I loved this!

Next was a beautiful Housemade Yogurt with black sesame, pickled plum, and shredded Shiso.  As delicious as it was beautiful.

Summer Squash Cannoli with Mojama, raisins and squash blossom – very summery and tasty.

Monterey Bay Abalone and Abalone Mushrooms with barley, black garlic, and agretti.  So fresh and flavorful!

Veal and Salmon Roe with fresh garden greens and dill.  This was such a surprising and wonderful combination.

A gorgeous Goat Cheese Course with a goat cheese truffled butter, a dry aged goat cheese, and a soft chèvre.  Heavenly.

Dark Chocolate, Beets, and Berries – beautifully presented, the flavors and textures were fantastic, and the brûléed beet was spectacular.  The crème fraiche ice cream went wonderfully with everything.

“Forest Mignardises:” green tea and honeycomb candies, cocoa nib truffles, cinnamon cigars, and maple crisps.  Just lovely.

After dinner we were taken to view the kitchen, and got to see Executive Chef Christopher Kostow at work in his new digs (Ha ha, he’s the blurry one in both of the pics – always moving!).  Our server explained the renovations that took place in the back of the house, and how everyone was loving the new setup.  Chef Kostow took the time to say hello and shake our hands, even in the middle of overseeing everything that was being served.

This dinner was lovely; the dishes were beautiful and delicious, the staff was friendly, and the space was bright, fresh, and comfortable.  The entire restaurant actually just recently reopened after a major overhaul, and they’ve done a fantastic job.  Aside from the birthday card from Nathaniel Dorn at the start of our evening, After our kitchen tour I was also served a special dessert treat (pictured at the top of this page) – a French Vanilla Mousse with raspberry purée and a chocolate cookie crust – and a sheet signed by all the staff, including Chef Kostow.  I really enjoyed our evening here.


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