Eaten a Poached Egg (232/366)

PoachedEggTop“Poached eggs on toast … why do you shiver? With such a funny, little quiver?”
~ Frances, “Bread and Jam for Frances


If you’ve read my post about trying pei-dan (Chinese “Thousand-year Eggs”), you might think this one’s a little silly, but if you’ve been reading the blog up to this point, you’ll know I never really was a huge fan of eggs, but started really appreciating them more this year (some notable entries were the Perbacco Dinner Tales event, and the beautiful day I first tried an egg on a pizza).  This morning, I decided it was finally time for me to try a poached egg.

We were taking my Uncle B. out to breakfast, and decided to try the new Ono Grindz on Clement Street.  In Hawaiian, “Ono” means “delicious” and “Grindz” is slang for “food” – looking at the menu, the name seemed totally appropriate (Hawaiian fusion breakfast?!  Yes, please!).  There was of course the more traditional “Loco Moco,” with a hamburger patty on rice, topped with a fried egg and smothered in gravy, the more fusion-style “Big Island” which was basically an eggs, cakes, and meat breakfast, but with apple banana pancakes instead of just plain ones, and a choice of Portuguese sausage or Spam instead of just the regular bacon or breakfast sausage.  There was even a Chicken Katsu Moco which was SUPER tempting … but since I was on a mission, I decided to go for the “Hash & Eggs” – basically a kalua pig hash (I love kalua pig!) with potatoes, peppers, onions and stuff, but topped with poached eggs.  And even though there were potatoes in this, there weren’t any grains like rice, or wheat in toast or pancakes, so it was closer to Paleo – great choice!

When my Hash & Eggs came, I was so excited!  I really have learned to enjoy that runny, yolky goodness when it’s mixed in with whatever the eggs are on top of – and this hash looked so good already, I was eager to find out just how much more it would be elevated with some poached egg!

I cut into the poached egg and let the yolk ooze out.  Looking good …
232EggOpening 232EggOpen

I tasted it – it was delicious.  I think poached eggs may be my new favorite.
232EggWideH 232EggWideV

Nick and I had talked about me trying them before this, and I had been warming up to the idea after realizing that it was the yolk that really seems to be my favorite part of the egg – that kind of sulphury taste I always notice in eggs is really from the egg white, and even though I’ve begun to appreciate sunny side up eggs, I really don’t like having to eat the sometimes rubbery whites and would much rather just have the yolks.  Poaching the eggs keeps the whites balanced around the yolk, but also results in a more delicate, soft white as well – and that rich, runny, velvety goodness is just SO totally ONO.


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    That is a beautiful thing!

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