Eaten a “Macaroni & Corn Pancake” (190/366)

“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”
~ Dorothy Day

This morning, we went to a nearby restaurant called Tangerine for brunch. Mom loves this place and had been wanting to bring us there for weeks! They have a nice menu with some great sounding choices, but once I saw this item I not only had to try it, I had to make it my INDT for today and write about it.


Was this a pancake with macaroni and corn mixed in? Was it fried mac & cheese? There’s an egg on top?!  Whaaaa?!

The Macaroni & Corn pancake is topped with sharp cheddar cheese and fried eggs. How ridiculously intriguing does that sound? I’ve written a few times about my newfound love for runny egg yolks (thanks to my Dinner Tales event at Perbacco and more recently my delicious first experience of pizza with an egg on top), and this sounded like some down home delicious craziness. I had to try it.

When it arrived, it looked very cool … like a strangely delicious-looking alien spacecraft.

I lifted a side of the eggs and peered underneath.

Oh, the cheesy goodness! It WAS a pancake made of two of my favorite things – mac & cheese and corn! The noodles and corn themselves weren’t in a cheese sauce, but they were seasoned, they weren’t overcooked, and the cheese topping and fry on the flattop gave the “pancake” a nice density and firmness. But the BEST part: the fried egg was placed inverted on top so that the yolks broke and ran into this pancake of magnificence.

This is definitely one of my absolute favorite breakfast creations. It is rich, creamy, and dense, but surprisingly not heavy. The sharp cheddar gives a great bite, the sweetness of the corn is lovely, and all the textures together really make this a winner. If you’re ever in the Castro area, stop by Tangerine for a meal – you will not be disappointed!

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  1. syingchew says:

    Unfortunately, Tangerine is looking for a new location so they are currently closed. ; (

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