Eaten a “Chicken Alfredo” Burrito (158/366)

“Fettucini Alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults.”
~ Mitch Hedberg


Today Mom and I were meeting the Kid after school and were gonna hang out with him there for a bit while waiting for the Little One and the kids’ Mama to get there.  We decided we should pop in somewhere and get something to eat while we were waiting, so we stopped at a place on the way to the school called “Americana” – that served Pizza and it was also a Taqueria.  Ha ha ha!  We just thought it sounded so funny, we had to see what was on their menu.  Well, along with really cool sounding selections like the “BBQ Chicken Quesadilla” and the “Tutto di Mare Burrito” – that’s right – with prawns, scallops, calamari, clams, and red snapper – my eye caught another very interesting combination.  The Chicken Alfredo Burrito!

I LOVE Alfredo stuff.  I have since I discovered it after mac & cheese in childhood.  Those are some of my favorite sauces in the whole world.  But they’re not the greatest for you, so I normally never really eat either.  But in a burrito?!  This I really did have to try.  The combination of the chicken, mushrooms, Alfredo sauce, and all of the rest all rolled up into a burrito – which is one of the greatest culinary creations on the planet – just sounded so awesome!

I ordered it.  The number 17.  When it came, it was the size of a small infant.  Point for Americana Pizza and Taqueria!  

When I opened it, it looked basically like most other burritos, but maybe with a bit of what looked like melted cheese (or maybe some Alfredo sauce?!) peeking out the end.  YUM  After the first bite, the Alfredo goodness can be seen just a bit there at the bottom.  And it WAS yum!

The flavors in this burrito were so different and yet really, really good.  There’s a taqueria near our house that doesn’t serve what we consider “real” (Mission) burritos, but they’re still very tasty for what they are – one of the things they’ll add to your burrito if you’d like is grilled mushrooms, which I love.  This is not an option at El Farolito, home of the best burrito in the Universe, so I don’t have burritos with mushrooms much.  This Alfredo burrito didn’t have to be a “Mission” burrito – we were in the East Bay anyway!  And this burrito was GOOD.

This concoction is a true combination of a great Chicken Alfredo – with the velvety cream sauce, green onions, and my favorite, mushrooms – and a fantastic burrito, as Ron Swanson says, one of the best meat delivery systems ever!  Grilled chicken, pinto beans, rice, and it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful, magic-enveloping tortilla.  LOVE.

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