Driven Across the Oregon/California Border (150/366)

“Country Roads, take me home, to the place I belong …”
~ John Denver

On our way home! We flew out to Portland at the beginning of the weekend, and today we’re driving back in a U-Haul (we were helping Laurie move some stuff from her old house to her new place in San Francisco)!  Although we’ve been to Portland before, we’ve always flown.  I’d never driven across the border from Oregon to California until today!

I’ve only driven across state lines in a few places – from California to Nevada (trip to Reno), from Nevada to Utah (from Vegas to Zion National Park last year), but I think that’s actually all. Though not driving in a car, Nick and I did cross a lot of state lines in an Amtrak train on our cross-country trip last year!

Yesterday we drove from Portland to a small town called Ashland where we spent the night. Our drive into California and home was estimated at around 6 – 8 hours from there. This morning, we got some coffee and had some delicious Voodoo doughnuts (we stopped in Eugene for dinner at one of the Rogue Brewerys and to pick up some Voodoo last night on the way to Ashland of course!). Then we gassed up the truck and were on our way!  Ashland is really close to the state border, we were excited to get into California and get home.

Alright, so huge fail!  I was using my iPhone and though I love it dearly, with the sometimes awesome HDR setting it’s not the fastest camera in the world, so I timed the shot wrong and missed the shot of the California sign.  Here are the photos from before and RIGHT after crossing into California from Portland!  Hooray!  Ha ha ha.

Shortly after entering California, we had to stop at the State Department of Food and Agriculture station and let border patrol see we weren’t bringing in any illegal fruits or nuts from Portlandia (we’re helping to keep PORTLAND weird!).  They were very nice, just checked the back of the U-Haul and sent us on our way.

Most of our trip afterward was pretty uneventful, although we did get to drive through the Golden City of Yreka, where Pop-Tarts are used as condiments.  No, those are not typos.  But we were kinda joking (although we did not stage that shot!) about the condiments.

One of the beautiful pieces of scenery we did get to enjoy for a while was Mt. Shasta.  Gorgeous!

To reward ourselves for a productive weekend, and to congratulate ourselves for making it back to the Golden State, we stopped by Bouchon in Yountville (we really can’t stay away) for a delicious dinner to cap off the trip.

And finally, we arrived home, via the most photographed bridge in the world.  Love that Golden Gate!  Happy 75th!

What a fun trip! We love Portland, and our friends there, but I am of course so happy to be back in the Best City in the World!

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  1. nickwoo says:

    Those are some great shots of Mt. Shasta, but I can’t let you take the blame for not getting the California sign. I was not ready and I was in the window seat.


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