Done Star Warigami (259/366)

259StarWarigamiTop“An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”
Obi Wan Kenobi


It never ceases to amaze me how much Star Wars related stuff there is out there – and how we pretty much can’t get enough of it all.  Ha!  So, yes – we bought a Star Wars Origami book – or as Nick likes to call it, “Starwarigami.”  Origami is fun, and Star Wars is cool.  Tonight, I thought I’d crack this bad boy open and see if the combination is any good.

Just to be clear, this is not the first book of its kind – there are actually FOUR other Star Wars origami books out there (I’ll link to them below) – crazy!  But this one was on sale at Costco, so we couldn’t resist.

Anyway, onto my first taste of Starwarigami.  I thought I’d start at the beginning: Your basic lightsaber.

There are several different lightsabers you can fold in this book, and they’re all printed up differently with specific details to each one.  Pretty cool!

Here we go, first couple of folds – this is easy peasy.  I’ll be a Starwarigami master in no time …

Hmm … why do they want me to fold the *light* part of the saber like this?  … Can YOU see what’s amiss here?

Uh, yeah.  After a few more *wrong* folds, I realized that arrow is supposed to be pointing UP to start.  Okay.  Back to it then, the *right* way this time.

Flip it over – okay, this makes more sense now …

Ah!  Okay!  I’ve got it now!

And then just tuck this part in here …


Whew.  Although there are TONS of different Starwarigami projects you can fold in this book, based on my first experience, I think I’m gonna need to do a lot of work with the basics before I try to move on.  Pretty neat though, and I love how the graphics are printed on the special paper for these.  May the Folds be with me!


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