Cruised with Bahamas Celebration Cruise Line (252/366)

252CelebrationCruiselineTop“It’s a booze cruise!”
~ Michael Scott, The Office

I’ve been on a few cruises before – including a ridiculous, 26-day trek across the Pacific Ocean for our epic Honeymoon in 2010 – but during this crazy Coast-to-Coast vacation N and I are taking to hang out with my dad and S, we are not just flying and driving, but we’re also cruising!

A few days ago, after flying JetBlue for the first time, we boarded the Bahamas Celebration cruise liner and took an overnight cruise to Grand Bahama Island, where we’ve been for the past few days.  Well, tonight we take the final leg of our cruise trip back to the States.  On the day we boarded, we had a buffet lunch on deck and were so wiped out from traveling (the JetBlue flight was a red eye, then we drove several hours to catch the ship) we didn’t really care to do much onboard except have dinner later.  The next morning, we were in the Bahamas!  But today we were able to board earlier in the day and got to explore and really see what this type of trip is all about.

While smaller than other commercial cruise liners (since the trips this line does are much shorter), the Bahamas Celebration ship had a lot of the same amenities as others.  I love the atrium centers of cruise ships, showing off their spiral designs.  This one was pretty nice (to the left in the photo are the markers for the floor levels – this ship also had a cool glass elevator.

Our room had a pretty standard regular cabin layout for any cruise liner, and was just a tad smaller than others we’ve had (not shown in the shot, behind me, was our restroom, a small counter, and a TV), but again, you’re not really on this cruise to spend time in your room.  This one fit all four of us (the bunks against the walls on top of the beds shown here fold down).  Of course it was cozy, but I had never sailed with more than two in a room before, and this was actually not bad at all.  I was actually pretty surprised at how comfortable it was – in fact, the two beds at the bottom can be joined to make a full size as well, which our cabin steward did for me and N in the evenings.  Neat!

The view from our cabin – on the left, that’s a Carnival cruise liner next to us – it was definitely a bigger ship, but that cruise was a longer one, of course.  On the right, a view as we were pulling out of the port.  Gorgeous day, huh?
252ShipView2V 252PortView2V

A view from the dining room – even though this ship had less frills than longer-trip liners, it was still nice enough for a floating hotel that took you to your next destination (and fed you)!

Speaking of food, dinner was lovely.  We had choices of soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and dessert.  They were all delicious.
252SoupH 252SaladV
252PiePopoverV 252SalmonH
252ChickenH 252PrimeRibV
252PuddingDessertV 252AppleDessertH

I’ve heard mixed reviews (some pretty nasty) about the Bahamas Celebration cruise line, but I really think you have to look at it for what it is – basically an affordable short trip cruise to a party destination.  It may not be a luxury cruise liner, but it’s perfect for a weekend getaway (there’s an option to just cruise to the Bahamas, explore a bit, and sail back with the ship instead of staying in the Islands like we did), a bachelor/bachelorette party, or just a fun outing with friends.  I will say the setup when you board on the US side leaves much to be desired – we felt a bit like a herd of cattle – but the rest of the experience was pretty darn good.  The staff we encountered onboard was wonderful – friendly, gracious, and great at making guests feel welcome and at ease.  Honestly, this is no small feat when the majority of the clientele is kind of on an extended booze/party cruise.  I had a great time – if there were something like this that sailed out of SF, maybe down to LA something, I would totally do this again!

Bye, Bahamas!  It was tons of fun!


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