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“Alright, so, listen. Why don’t you gimme a call when you wanna start taking things a little more seriously. Here’s my card.”
~ Heath Ledger as The Joker in “The Dark Knight

Do you remember how you heard about Did we ask you to “Like” our Facebook page? Did you help us with an item on the list? Did you meet us while we were on an INDT adventure? One thing’s for sure – until I made these cards, you didn’t get anything with the website printed on it for you to tuck in your pocket to remind you to look us up when you got home. FAIL!

We’ve told so many people about the site, and people are genuinely excited to hear about it. Most say they will look us up when they get home, and we repeat over and over, “I’ve Never Done That dot Com!” but unless we get a “Like” on Facebook (or study the Google analytics report), we don’t have any idea if any new people are visiting. I decided we needed to at least make that possibility a stronger one by creating some calling cards so we could hand them out for people to easily refer to after we’d talked to them.

I’d heard that you could get “free” business cards from VistaPrint (you just pay shipping) but I had never tried it before. I figured what better way to score some inexpensive cards for the site!

The process is extremely simple. VistaPrint has design templates for about 40 different cards, and all you have to do is fill in the information fields that you’d like printed.

I saw a few different designs I liked, but ended up choosing an image of a road leading off to the horizon. I liked the idea that every new day could bring you something you didn’t expect. You can add custom fields for an extra charge, but I basically worked with the fields they had and just entered different information than what the template noted, moving the entries around to make them fit in a way I liked:

The shipping ended up coming out to $6.53. I figured that wasn’t a bad price for 250 business cards. Note there’s a “special deal” on “FREE” address labels that popped up at the top of my screen. That would have ended up costing more for shipping, so I decided not to take advantage of that one. Ha! Actually, I was also “lucky” enough to qualify for a “special deal” on expedited shipping at an incredible price, too! I wasn’t in a rush.

After the shipping page, they don’t miss any chances to offer you other items you might be interested in:

An upgrade on your card stock, business card holders to hold your beautiful new cards in:

Back-side printing on your cards (they say this increases the chances someone will keep your card), notebooks, keychains:

Pens, magnets, sticky notes … even web hosting!

After all that, you do get to a page where you can check out. I paid my $6.53 and didn’t get anything else. While I know my take on all that was offered was that it seemed a bit silly or excessive, I do think having access to all these additional items in one place is pretty cool, and could be useful for someone starting a new business. I also like the fact that (at least when using a pre-made template) your design can be kept through a wide range of promotional products, and it can all be done very simply.

Since I didn’t opt for the upgraded shipping, I’m not exactly sure how long the cards will take, but I’m excited to see them – and pass them out!

The cards came in less than a week and look awesome! Ask me for some if you see me, and help us spread the word about!

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