Created an Animated GIF (293/366)

293GifTop“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
~ Dorothea Lange


The GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format is an image format that allows for several pictures to be displayed at timed intervals, creating a simple way to add animation to websites.  It was created in 1987 and has now brought joy to the Internet and its users for over a quarter of a century.  Seriously!

The GIF’s animation capabilities showed up humbly at first with images like these on websites where not much else was going on:
293Construction  293ConstructionBanner


But soon people began creating sillier GIFs for fun:


And then, people started combining photos to make GIFs – and even adding a little visual trickery for more amusement:














Today, from examples like this awesomely hypnotic GIF of pencils being made:

To this hilarious (totally altered/fabricated) one:

GIFs are used more and more all over the place.  And though now I’m sure we’ve all seen tons of GIFs, I personally had never made one.  I really didn’t know how to!  But tonight, Mr. Barry Zito pitched an amazing game, and saved us from elimination in the NLCS.  The game was so awesome, I wanted to try to make a little something to celebrate it.  That’s where the new GifBoom app came in.

Gif Boom is basically just a mobile app you can use to create and share GIFs on social media.  I don’t plan to share a bunch of GIFs or anything, but this did seem like a simple, easy-to-use program, so I thought I’d try it.  You don’t have to sign in with Facebook either; you can also use twitter or just create an account using an email address.
293GifBoom1V 293GifBoom2V

All you have to do is first, get your pics – you can either take photos with the app, chose them from your camera roll, or grab some from Facebook.  I took a screenshot every time my ESPN Score Center app sent me a notification about the score (we were also watching every moment of this super exciting, but I just had a good feeling from the get-go, so I decided to make sure I had every notification documented).  I just grabbed these from my camera roll.
293TakePic 293ChoosePic

From here, you can edit and/or apply filters to your photos:
293Edit1V 293Edit2V

Neat!  I used a “negative” filter to create a flashing effect.  When you add filters, new photos are created and they pop up in your “Picks” that will make up your GIF.
293Inverse 293AllPics

When you’ve got everything together, you can preview it, caption it, and then either post it or save it, depending on how you want to use your new GIF.
293Preview 293Publish

Here’s my finished GIF, in all its glory!

This was really cool – neat to know I can use this simple app to make a GIF anytime I want!  And just so it’s clear, once and for all, it’s pronounced “Jif” – just think of the peanut butter.  And tell someone that next time you hear it mispronounced, for Pete’s sake!  Ha ha ha!  Have fun!  And congratulations, Barry!  Let’s go, Giants!!!


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  1. Ying says:

    Pretty awesome! Hadn’t seen the one with Obama – a laugh and a half!

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