Crafted Homemade Bloody Mary Mix (365/366)

364BloodyMaryMixtop“When people ask me if Dean Martin drank, let me put it this way. If Dracula bit Dean in the neck, he’d get a Bloody Mary.”
~ Red Buttons

The family is celebrating J2’s birthday tonight, and although we already got him a gift, last night when I was perusing through the new “Paleo Indulgences” cookbook I got for Christmas (thanks, J1!), I saw a great-looking recipe for Bloody Mary mix. J2 and I share a love for a good Bloody Mary mix, so I thought what better addition to his gift than some homemade mix from his favorite sister?

The ingredients for a delicious Bloody Mary are pretty simple, but there are some ingredients that might not normally be in people’s pantries, which is why I never made my own before. For the recipe I followed, aside from the tomato juice, you need beef broth (awesome!) Worcherstershire sauce, dill, celery salt, hot sauce, lime juice, salt and pepper. While I pretty much have most of that stuff, I don’t usually keep tomato juice on hand, and had to borrow some celery salt from Mom.

Here’s all you need!364Ingredients

I started out with my tomato juice base, and since I didn’t have enough beef broth for the recipe, I used a ramen soup packet I had left over and enough water to reconstitute.
364TomJuice1V 364BeefPkt1V 364Water1V

In went the celery salt, black pepper, and dill (weed, not seed).
364CelerySalt1V 364Pepper1V 364Dill1V

Then I added garlic, lime juice, and Worcestershire.  The original recipe called for granulated garlic, but I had minced garlic in a tube (I love that stuff!) so I used that.  I also didn’t have fresh limes (sorry!) but I always have lime juice in some form on hand (have you heard of True Lemon/Lime?  It’s the BEST!), and really, no home is complete without some Worcestershire sauce.
364Garlic1V 364LimeJuice1V 364Worchestershire1V

Then, the best stuff of all, the hot sauce.  The recipe calls for “3 or 4 shakes” but you can of course adjust to your tastes – I like spice, and a Bloody Mary isn’t a Bloody Mary unless it’s got bite.  I used Cholula (which is actually also known as awesome-sauce) … and finally, I added another tweak of mine not in the recipe – the absolute best thing to add to your Bloody Mary mix – horseradish.  This almost never comes in commercial bottles of Bloody Mary mix, and I have no idea why (a really great horseradishy one is made by the McIlhenny (Tabasco) folks themselves – totally worth picking up).  Horseradish is one of the most wonderful things on the planet.
364Cholula1V 364Horseradish1V 364HorseradishSpoon1V

A quick mix, and it was looking GOOD.
364StirV 364MixH

I poured my new homemade mix into a nice bottle for J2 (perfect that the Claravale Farm’s raw milk comes in lovely, reusable glass bottles).  YUM.
364PourH 364BottleV

Happy Birthday, brotha!

We also of course, threw in some crispy bacon and fresh celery stalks for J2 to garnish up his birthday beverage.  This mix was DELICIOUS.  After making this and tasting how the flavors combine, I now know the approximate ratios and am not afraid to mix up some Bloody Mary goodness on my own.  From now on, I’ll be sure to keep tomato juice and the other ingredients on hand, and will definitely try more experiments and variations!  Cheers!

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  1. Ying says:

    Great quote….and a great mix…a good way to control the amount of sodium…J2 REALLY liked it!

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