Read Hawaiian Hero Eddie Aikau’s Biography, “Eddie Would Go” (311/366)

“The voyage would do something very important for the Hawaiian people and for the rest of the world.” ~ Nainoa Thompson, “The Ocean Is My Classroom” written by Gisela E. Speidel

Cooked Breadfruit (310/366)

“Famous is `Ulupalakua – The pangs of the cold evening air – The home of the cowboys” ~ “`Ulupalakua” by John P. Watkins

Visited the Lahaina Jodo Mission (309/366)

“Standing on the beach in Lahaina, as the Sun’s crimson shaft settles down past the distant isle” ~ Shinko Kishi

Toured Maui Brewing Co. (308/366)

“Maui’s truly local brew!” ~ Maui Brewing Co.

Watched the Documentary: “Finding Sandalwood Mountain” (307/366)

“They came to a distant land in search of a new life, and changed Hawaii and China forever.” ~ “Finding Sandalwood Mountain”

Had Star Noodles (306/366)

“Just the process of making our noodles, from carefully mixing in the water to the flour, to rolling it out on our 75-year-old noodle machine, to drying it overnight, cooking it all fresh in the morning, to hand drying it, makes it very special.” ~ Chef Sheldon Simeon

Celebrated Halloween in Lahaina (305/366)

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ~ Maya Angelou

Eaten a Doritos Locos Taco (304/366)

“An Angel from the outfield delivered me free tacos!” ~ Nick

Used Virgin America’s In-Flight Power Outlet (281/366)

“Knowledge is power.” ~ Francis Bacon

Been to a Lawry’s Steakhouse (280/366)

“My favorite animal is steak.” ~ Fran Lebowitz

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