Played with a Lego Kit (297/366)

297LegoKitTop“Play Well”
~ The Lego Group

I’m the youngest child in my family, so growing up, a lot of my toys and clothes were hand-me-downs. Now, that normally wasn’t a big deal, except for when it came to anything with pieces you could lose, because of course by the time the toys would get to me, anything that could go missing usually did. I never got to *really* play the game Mousetrap until I bought the game for myself as an adult, because random parts of the magical contraption were no longer in the box by the time I was old enough to play.  Like I said, I never really minded all that while growing up; but now that I’m an adult, I kind of remember the frustration of things like trying to play with a circuit kit and only being able to do really basic stuff because wires and other pieces were missing.

Also, I was never really into Legos because my parents, being smart, only ever bought us the “Tub-O-Legos” variety instead of the sets that the company made (so as not to have to bother with more of those pesky missing pieces!).  For basically decades, I never even knew there were sets; I thought they were something that just came about in the past few years (like the “Harry Potter Quiddich Match” – WHAT?  Or how about an X-Wing Starfighter?  Okay, or seriously – the Death Star.  Insanity!).  Now, I’m one of those people who LOVES to build furniture (from a kit and instructions, of course – I’m not that handy – ha!), and I totally dig models.  I can’t believe I never knew lego kits existed the whole time I was growing up.  Thank goodness for The Kid!  He let me help him build one of his Lego kits today.

This mini kit came with a Target gift card – how awesome is that?  There were pieces included to make three different models.

We decided to start with the upright dog, just because he was the first one on the left.  I love these instructions!  The Kid didn’t have to read or anything.  But there was counting involved (getting spacing right, etc.), which was great!

This came together pretty quickly after we looked at the “instructions”, figured out our spacing, and got our pieces in order.  This kid’s a pro!
297DogH 297Dog2V
297Dog3V 297Dog4H
297Dog5H 297DogDoneV

Alright!  The upright dog was a success!  We tried the slightly more complicated snowman:

Nice counting, on the Kid’s part …
297CountingH 297SMBaseV

Givin’ Frostie a hand …
297GettingThereV 297ArmH

Prepping the finishing touches …
297BroomH 297NoseV

Looks a little like a Tusken Raider here …

And done!
297EyesInV 297MicahPose

After doing the upright dog and the snowman, the “Target dog” seemed too simple – plus, the snowman was the coolest one anyway (ha ha ha pun not intended but totally awesome).  This was fun – thanks for your master building skills, Kid!


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