Built a “Droidel” (342/366)

“A droidel!  Well played!”
~ Mike Jutan

Chanukkah begins tomorrow, and I recently saw a craft in the “Star Wars Craft Book” that I just had to make for our friend, Mike.  A dreidel, combined with one of everyone’s favorite Star Wars heroes, R2-D2.  A Chanukkah Droidel!  AWESOME.

The directions have you copy the droidel pattern at the back of the book, paste it to card stock or a cereal box, and after the glue dries, cut the shape out.  But we have a multi-function laser printer (ah, the perks of being the previous owner of a now-closed business!  Humph.  Ha ha ha!), so not only did I have not to schlep all the way over to a copy place to make a copy of the pattern, I could just color copy the pattern directly onto some card stock I had.  Hooray!

I printed out my pattern, and began cutting.

The book doesn’t tell you to use an X-Acto knife, but I whipped my awesome precision one out to get the trickier cuts done right (I’ve had practice from those Star Wars snowflakes).

Knowing I’d have to fold a lot of tabs, I scored where the fold lines were (on the back of my cutout), using the back of my blade – that worked really well – then, I folded all my tabs.

I glued the bottom of the top (ha ha) first, and the carefully glued the side tab to seal everything together.

After this was done I admired my handiwork, and began gluing R2’s dome.  After the dome was glued together, the book reminds you to make sure the hole at the top of the body and the top of the dome line up (where you’re supposed to insert the pencil/straw to be the handle for the droidel.

As I was putting everything together, I noticed the holes for the straw/pencil were a bit small.  I didn’t want to try to go back and cut them bigger, but I also didn’t want to try to jam a pencil or straw through a too-small hole and put a tear in all my hard work.  Thank goodness I had hung onto some unused juicebox straws (very Chinese – or as Mike has said, also Jewish – of me.  Ha!).  Perfect!

I was about to assemble my droidel, but stopped to read the instructions page one more time to be sure I hadn’t missed any tips or anything.  The page is really cool – it even has instructions on how to play the dreidel game – complete with definitions of the letters on each side, and what each means in the game.  It was while I was reading this part that I realized that the words on the bottom of the dreidel pattern that are supposed to correspond with the letter on each side … ARE WRONG!  They should be: נ (Nun), ג (Gimel), ה (Hei), and ש (Shin).  This is what this droidel had:

It seems like each word is one side shifted from where it’s supposed to be!  Aack!

I decided to check online to see if the publishers had printed a corrected version of this pattern.  That’s when I found that this craft is available online for free – I didn’t even have to have the book for this craft!  Blerg.  I downloaded the pattern from the StarWars.com site … and found that THAT one was wrong, too!

Well, I wasn’t having it.  Even though I had just spent all this time making my droidel in the first place, what’s the use of that if the words are wrong on the different sides!  I brought the file into Photoshop and carefully erased the words.

Then, I re-typed the words (luckily, I had the same font!), printed out ANOTHER pattern … and did everything all over again.  Finally, after making a whole new droidel, I was able to attach R2’s dome.  Notice the *correct* letter and word on this side?  Nice.

And finally!  This IS the droidel I was looking for!

Happy Chanukkah!

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  1. Ying says:

    You are such a geek! (But that’s part of your charm.) Gimme gelt!

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