Bought Grass-Fed Beef at Trader Joe’s (262/366)

262GrassFedTopIt’s not complicated. We just focus on what matters — great food + great prices = Value.”
Trader Joe’s



Trader Joe’s is probably my favorite grocery store. They have lots of great quality items and their prices are low, their staff is always friendly, and I’ve always heard its one of the best places to work.

A few of the items we can buy at TJ’s are inexpensive and almost impossible to find elsewhere, like almond butter (priced like peanut butter at TJ’s, highway robbery to get at Whole Foods, basically non-existent at Safeway) – and Trader Joe’s also has their own line of products that are not just “generic, lower-priced” items – they’re interesting, unique, customer favorites!  These offerings are so well loved, they’ve even gained a following and inspired foodie blogs.

As you may know, Nick and I try to eat Paleo as much as we can, and not only does that mean ditching highly processed, and most packaged, foods (we do stuff like spaghetti squash in place of pasta) – it also means trying to buy organic as often as possible, and some specialty items as well, like coconut oil in place of other oils.

So it’s great that TJ’s has such affordable pricing, and even better that their products are so high quality – today I found something else that’s almost non-existent in “regular” grocery stores – organic, grass-fed beef!

Yeah, it was more expensive than the “regular” grain-fed beef, but it’s well worth it (please be sure to watch the documentaries “Food, Inc.” and “King Corn” if you haven’t yet).  And it was (in true Trader Joe’s fashion) actually *cheaper* than I’ve been buying it at other places.  Hooray!

So Trader Joe’s does it again, folks.  If you have one in your area and haven’t been to it, do yourself a favor and stop by today.  You will not be sorry.  If you have one in your area and don’t go to it regularly, start!  They are a great company with fantastic food.


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