Been to the “Zombie Apocalypse Store” (168/366)

“Do you have what it takes to survive?!!”
~ The Zombie Apocalypse Store

The first day J1 arrived in Vegas and we took a drive, we noticed a crazy and fun looking little shop near our resort. The “Zombie Apocalypse Store” – AWESOME!!! We decided we needed to stop by there before we left town. We were trying to go when J2 was still here too, but the timing wasn’t right; well at least he can read my writeup of this really cool place.

They have all sorts of apocalypse necessities, and they make it clear they are a “No-Zombie Zone” – rad!

Inside, they have everything as advertised on the door – they are not joking around.  From food and water options:

To pocket knives of all shapes and sizes, to cell phone stun guns!  Crazy!

And don’t worry, they don’t just have small knives.  They have some pretty hefty ones too.  The survival axe was pretty cool.  Inside the handle are bandages, waterproof matches, a sewing kit and a few other essentials, and the screw cap is a compass.

This isn’t just another emergency supply store – they also have trendy tops, accessories like shell casing earrings – something for the whole family, as modeled beautifully by their zombie manequins – and if you feel like you need to sharpen your aim, they even have a shooting gallery.  Ha ha ha!

If you’re in the neighborhood, you need to stop by the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Vegas.  Not only are the supplies awesome, the staff is totally friendly, and definitely deserving of your business.  Hopefully you just won’t *need* all the supplies you buy there.

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  1. syingchew says:

    I was interested in the cross bow, but didn’t think I could get it through airport security.

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