Been to the “World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s” (256/366)

256McDonaldsTop“Prepare To Be Dazzled”
~ The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s


Again, didn’t know this was a “thing”.  The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonalds?

Well since we visited the *birthplace* of McDonald’s in San Bernardino just a little while ago, when we heard that Florida was the home of the “World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s“, we thought we really had to come and see it on our last day of this epic coast-to-coast trip.

This place is BIG.  I’m not 100% sure of its “world-wide” fame, but the murals outside of people coming from all over the globe to see this McDonald’s are pretty cool.

At the entrance, you are forewarned that dazzling will occur inside.

Starting with just the food offerings, they weren’t lying.  The array is pretty crazy.

Along with the “normal” McDonald’s fare, they’ve got a dessert menu, a “Sandwiches & Wraps” menu, paninis … crazy!

These are a part of their “Bistro Gourmet” menu (award-winning McDonald’s pastas, anyone?) – and even on their “non-gourmet” menu they’ve got some cool stuff I hadn’t seen before – like Spicy Chicken McBites, and Chocolate Chip Frappés!
256BistroSignH 256NeatMenuStuffV

Um, they’ve also got pizza.  And Ice Cream.  Two of my favoritest things in the whole wide world.  Yes, I totally just used the non-word “favoritest” – the combination of pizza and ice cream makes me revert.  Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Dude!  Ice cream!  Now I just need pizza.

Alright alright, order, sit, eat.  No!  Play!  Look at all the fun stuff!  This place is so happening, even the Cos is here!  Ha ha ha!
256TablesGamesH 256TheCosV

Hey, it’s Mac Tonight!  Kinda creepy … but he’s actually playing his piano on an island – and the coins tossed into the fountain surrounding it go to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charity of Central Florida.  Cool.

Oh – also, there are a few bowling lanes here.  Yeah.

But if all these things aren’t enough distraction during your meal, there’s even a huge fish tank – well two, technically, with exotic fish in them – that you can watch the TV through … because of course there are TVs to watch in this McDonald’s.
256FishTV2V 256TVFish2V

Even the restrooms here are decked out!
256BathroomMirror2V 256BathroomStalls2V

But that’s just the bottom floor of this Micky D’s.  Yes, there’s a whole ‘nother level of craziness upstairs.  It’s basically a full-on arcade, with a few smaller rooms with chairs and tables for eating (or birthday parties, which they also have tons of here).
256WelcomeMarqueeV 256BigGameRoomH
256WelcomeRonaldSignV 256SkeeballH

There’s even a special area for smaller kids who may not be as into video games yet – and only adults accompanied by a kid can go in to these clubhouses.  Awesome!  In fact, there are several family-friendly activities every day.  Pretty cool.
256KidsToddlersClubhouseH 256FamilyEventsV

After you’re done playing all the arcade games, you can even cash tickets that you’ve won in for prizes.  And *that* room is crazytown too.
256RedemptionCenterV 256RedemptionPrizes1H

We spent several hours playing games and hanging out while waiting for our flights home.  The people were super friendly, and proud of this totally insane McDonald’s that really is something special.  What a totally neat, weird, eclectic mix of fun and randomness.  With all the stuff pictured above, not to mention free WiFi, charging stations, and S’Mores pies (whaaat?!), I have to say this is probably the coolest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to.
256OutletV 256SMoresPieH


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