Been to the “World of Coca-Cola” in Las Vegas (165/366)

“Have a Coke and a Smile!”
~ Coca-Cola Slogan, circa 1979


Last year when Nick and I visited Vegas and did a massive amount of cool stuff, we didn’t have much time to do anything that wasn’t on our awesome INDT itinerary.  We actually didn’t really sight see at all, other than the stuff on our list.  So it was a surprise to me when we came back from our trip and several people asked if we had gone to the “World of Coca-Cola” – eh?  Where was that?  In all the running around – what, with seeing the Grand Canyon, visiting the buffet of buffets, hiking Angel’s Landing, and climbing at Red Rock Canyon – we missed the World of Coke!

Luckily, since the family was all together on this vacation, a stop was scheduled to M&M’s World and the [now] infamous World of Coke.  Apparently the original World of Coca-Cola is actually in Atlanta, Georgia – there are other ones in a few spots around the world; the Las Vegas one was built in 1998 – and in doing research for this post I learned that there used to be more to the store than there is there now – the other stuff closed in 2000, but the facility is now a huge merchandise store and tasting café – and it holds lots of great Coke memorabilia, so I think it’s still a pretty cool place.

When you walk in, there is a tremendous amount of merchandise all over the place – it’s a bit overwhelming and yet totally cool.  We saw some great shirts with themes from other countries, and some cute “green” tees, made out of recycled soda bottles!

There’s also a lot of *serious* collectible merchandise – like this bag made of can tabs and this retro cube bag – if you can’t see the tag, it reads, “$595” – yeah, a bit pricey.

The really neat thing about this place though, is that you can taste Coke products from all over the world.  $16 gets you a tray with pours of 16 different sodas and cards that describe them all.  With flavors like “Vegibeta” from Japan, “Sparletta Sparberry” (yes, *Sparberry*, not “Strawberry”) from Zimbabwe, and plenty others (even a mint one!), there are definitely a lot of different flavors here.  It’s great!

You can even get a tray of different FLOATS!  If I had any room whatsoever, I’d have gotten that tray, too.  My brothers got that one, and it looked awesome.

If you find yourself in Vegas sometime, especially if it’s during the sweltering hot season, do yourself a favor and drop by the World of Coca-Cola store for a retreat from the sun, some lovely air conditioning, and a refreshing beverage.  Trying all the different sodas was not only fun, but delicious.

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