Been to the Very First McDonald’s (247/366)

247FirstMcDonaldsTop“I’m lovin’ it!”
~ McDonald’s slogan


Last night (early this morning, actually), after thirteen hours at the Happiest Place on Earth, N and I went to visit my dad and S, and got to see their new house for the first time.

Today, we all went to a place almost as famous as Disneyland itself … McDonald’s!  Well, kinda.  Although it is no longer an operating McDonald’s restaurant, 1398 North E Street at West 14th Street in San Bernardino, California, is the site of the very first McDonalds, owned by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald .  It was here that Ray Kroc walked in one day – started out trying to sell the brothers a new shake blending machine – and ended up buying what he would grow into one of the most famous eating enterprises in the world.

Pretty cool that this is actually also a part of Historic Route 66!

Nice mural on the side of the building, incorporating an old McDonald’s tree decoration.

Lots of crazy stuff to see here!  The building is now actually owned by a chicken restaurant/company called Juan Pollo, and their boat-car (what?) and truck were parked outside.  Also, I remember these caged Hamburglars from back in the day!

A plaque talking about the McDonald brothers is out front, and right above the entrance I love the welcoming sign that reminds you that although they’re no longer an operating McDonalds, the museum they’ve turned it into (yes!) is free (and cameras are welcome).  Just inside, Ronald welcomes you in.
247HistoryV 247HistoryH
247MuseumOpenH 247RonaldWaveV

Old McDonald’s paper hats, ads, and more.

Happy Meal Toys!
247ToysV 247ToysH

I totally had these mugs and glasses … and that jack-o-lantern.
247GarfieldSnoopyH 247JackOLanternV

Here’s that fabled shake machine (left) and one of the old time fry cutters!
247RoyCrockV 247FryCutterH

Fry Guys and Fillet-O-Fish rides!
247FryRideH 247FryRideV
247FiletRideV 247FiletRideH

“Please do not sit” … too much, or you’ll end up like Grimace.  So cool, though.

Mac Tonight!  I remember this sign – didn’t realize how rare they were – only about 100 made!
247MacTonightSignH 247MacTonightSignV

NEAT.  Condiment dispenser design.
247DispenserInstructions2V 247DispenserStuff2V

Speedy” (actually spelled “Speedee” – oops!) was the original McDonald’s dude before Ronald McDonald replaced him in 1967 – do you remember him?  He actually even pre-dates the now-famous “golden arches”!
247SpeedyH 247SpeedyV

There was SO much to see at this McDonald’s museum!  Full disclosure: I haven’t actually eaten McDonald’s food in over a decade, and I know there are many who not only do not eat their food, but are against the company’s practices nowadays – but I was happy to go see this piece of American history – I have many happy childhood memories from what the place used to be – we didn’t get McDonald’s much as kids either, so it was a treat – as was my visit to the site of the very first McDonald’s!  If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you stop by.


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