Been to the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market (196/366)

“The community which has neither poverty nor riches will always have the noblest principles.”


We’re in Santa Cruz visiting family, and this morning we decided to take a trip to get some peaches for a dessert being made this afternoon. I thought we’d just be going to the grocery store, but found out there’s a Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market nearby, and we were going there. Awesome!

This market was a lot smaller than I’d expected since I kind of see Santa Cruz as a community of people who are very into the organic and local food movement – but then again maybe that means that many of them have their own gardens too, which would mean less need for huge farmers’ markets, like the one we have at San Francisco’s Ferry Building (not much room for gardening in SF).  I also learned that there were several SCC Farmers’ Markets, and this was just the closest “branch” to where we were, which is kinda neat.

The most awesome part about this market was the breakfast we got at one of the stalls – I got a pulled pork and bacon “taco” with chimichurri, arugula and – my new favorite – a runny egg, and Nick got a breakfast sandwich (with a runny egg too, of course).  Marvelous.

I’m glad I got to visit one of the Santa Cruz Community farmers’ markets – next time I’m in town I’ll definitely make a trip to the other ones – I love to see what kinds of awesome local finds and wonderful treats different communities have to offer!

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