Been to the “Best of PlayGround” Festival (132/366)

“Music, art, theater. I’m just a big fan of beauty.”
~ Jerry Hall


A few years ago, our wonderfully talented friend Kirk decided to start writing for the theater again – he had always loved writing, but after college he hadn’t written as much as he’d liked. As he began working on pieces again, we were happy to attend readings in his living room every once in a while, and were really happy to attend performances of his one-acts when they were put on by community groups. Last year, one of his plays was in the collection for “Sheherezade: A Year in Review” and we got to see that show for the first time.

This year, among other scripts, Kirk submitted a piece to the PlayGround group.  Each year, out of almost 200 scripts, 36 original short plays are developed, and at the end of the year, seven playwrights are chosen to receive PlayGround’s “Emerging Playwright” award and full production of their short play as part of the “Best of PlayGround” festival.  Of course, Kirk was one of the seven chosen.  An article in the SF Examiner even mentioned Kirk’s short as “the best of the lot!”

Kirk’s piece was called, “Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos” and it was great. It was about a librarian and a fateful day where she bases all her choices on the flip of a coin – it was really all about the power of the possible.

Here’s a short clip:

I really enjoy ensemble productions where each cast member plays a different role in a different piece throughout the event. You get to see each person in a different persona and a different light during each performance, and the result can sometimes be fantastic, like tonight’s. Congratulations, Kirk!

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