Been to Mexico (87/366)

“The moment you land at the Los Cabos airport, the adventure begins.”

Girls trip! My childhood friends were planning to go to Los Cabos, and I’d never been (it would be the first time for all of us) – Nick’s been to several different places in Mexico and is busy at work right now, so a girls trip is perfect! Also, though we all grew up together, I’ve never gotten to go on vacation with these girls before, either. So exciting!

The trip idea started when Maddie got a deal online for some Virgin America flights. I love flying Virgin. Off to a great start already. Here we are in the SFO terminal, waiting to board!

The flight to Baja California is only about three hours, so I didn’t feel that far away from Nick (whenever I’ve gone somewhere without him it’s usually to Hawaii – still in the U.S. so I can use my phone!) – shortly before we landed, I peeked out the window to see the landscape. Baja California is somewhat like Wailea on Maui – there’s a lot of desert (it’s a “tropical arid” climate), which is why tourists like it here – it’s almost always sunny.

Things were a little different at the airport in Los Cabos – the planes are still boarded out on the tarmac and at least for our flight’s luggage, there was a cute and cuddly drug-sniffing dog hanging out on the luggage conveyor:

It was pretty cool to see this “Mini Super San Francisco” corner store on the way to our resort. The views of the water along the way were just beautiful.

And of course, no vacation is complete without a trip to the local Costco, to get some staples: super-gigantic marshmallows and a pillow-sized bag of chicharones!

We have some really fun stuff planned for this week, and I’m looking forward to just spending time with my girlfriends, too. I can’t believe I had never been to Mexico before, and I’m SO glad we all finally got to take a trip here, together!

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