Been to a Lawry’s Steakhouse (280/366)

280LawrysTop“My favorite animal is steak.”
Fran Lebowitz


Today, we got to be a part of a beautiful wedding of two beautiful people, one of whom is our very special friend who was a part of our wedding party when we got married.  Along with a ceremony at the church in Bel Air that Ronald Reagan went to (woah!), they celebrated their reception at Lawry’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.  Fancy!

While everyone knows Lawry’s for their awesome seasoned salt, I didn’t realize there were Lawry’s steakhouses until our trip to Vegas last year, and then we saw another one on our trip to Chicago last year as well!

Lawry’s is your pretty “traditional” steakhouse – decorated with dark wood and comfy upholstery, very substantially appointed – we got to spend some time in their bar area for cocktail hour, which was nice!
280LibationsMenuV 280BarAreaClose

And of course, aside from the lovely setting, we were all here for the STEAK.  I apologize for the grainy phone photos – along with the other things we forgot at home on this short trip, we also accidentally left behind our [good] camera!  Our dinner consisted of prime rib, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and Yorkshire pudding.

Dessert was their yummy “Warm Chocolate Fantasy Cake” with ice cream and fresh berries.  And of course, wedding cake (not pictured)!  Om nom nom.

My first dinner at a Lawry’s steakhouse was a great one.  Delicious food, wonderful company, and a beautiful day for two very deserving people.  Congratulations, J & F!


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  1. Ying says:

    Looks divine! How do you compare it to House of Prime Rib or Ruthe Chris?

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