Been a Mo-Cap Model (64/366)

“I’m a model, you know what I mean? And I do my little turn on the catwalk.”
~ Right Said Fred, “I’m Too Sexy

A while ago, Nick bought a Kinect device for the XBox and has been having fun with it (he totally gets down on Dance Central). Recently though, he read about people writing programs that allow you to use your Kinect to do motion capture. Since crowd sim is something Nick is really interested in (he’s been working with Massive and loves it), of course he wanted to see how this worked. Today we loaded up Brekel Kinect, and I got to be a mo-cap model!

We started out by just letting the Kinect read where my limbs were – arms out, bending, nothing too difficult:

I had to try to move slow so it could keep up with me – this was actually the beginning of an awesome breakdance wave (hahaha!):
Pasted Graphic 10

It had a little trouble reading me when I wasn’t facing it fully (of course) but it actually did pretty well:

It basically lost me when I tried a jump:

But all in all, it did a great job, especially considering how my clothing blended in with my background:

This was totally cool. With Nick at ILM, a place that has revolutionized Mocap technology, and knowing they have state of the art, multi-million dollar facilities there just for that purpose, it’s so neat to know you can do a very primitive, but still awesome version of it in your very own home for a fraction of the cost. Andy Serkis, watch out!

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