Used a Thomas Keller Baking Mix (143/366)

“I want to be president someday, so I have not smoked marijuana.  I ate a brownie once.  At a party in college.  It was kind of indescribable, really.  I felt like I was floating.  It turns out that there wasn’t any marijuana in it, it was just an insanely good brownie.”
~ Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

As you might already know, this year we had an insane Thomas Keller weekend that included an epic meal at the French Laundry, two visits to Bouchon Bakery, and the best Easter brunch ever at the Ad Hoc restaurant.

Thomas Keller is one of our very favorite chefs in the world, and one of the reasons he is, is because of the great importance quality has to him.  Because of this, I was excited to see that he’s started a line of baking mixes that are available at Williams-Sonoma.  Tonight, Kim brought over this awesome brownie mix, so we decided to crack it open and make it for Tuesday night dessert.

The box comes with all the signature items you need to reproduce the brownies that they apparently serve at the Ad Hoc restaurant (they serve a set menu every day, so when we went we didn’t get a chance to have the brownies) – I didn’t realize there was so much to them – all you need to add is butter and eggs.  I also appreciate that they print the directions on the side of the box so you know what you need as far as ingredients, pans, and labor ahead of time.  Cool!

You start out by adding one of the packets of chocolate chunks to the butter, and melt them together.  Meanwhile, you add the sugar packet to the eggs and whip it good.

Once the eggs and sugar have been whipped to a creamy consistency and the butter and chocolate have cooled a bit, you combine them and give it all another whirl.

After THAT, you add the cocoa powder package to the bowl and mix all of it to combine.

Whew!  It might seem like a lot of steps, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the separate packages made it to get all of this put together, even with all the steps.  After the basic brownie mix was done, the last bit – the crowning glory, MORE chocolate chunks – get added.

Finally, it all goes into the pan, and the pan goes in the oven.  Then … we wait.  The worst part!

When the brownies came out, they looked delicious.  Dense and moist fudgy-ness inside, with a delicately crispy chocolate candy-like layer on top.

The only thing that could combat all that gooey chocolatey goodness … was definitely some vanilla ice cream.  While this is gluten-free, it’s decidedly NOT Paleo.  But it WAS delicious.  Happy Tuesday, and thank you, Kimmy!

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