Attended the Grand Opening of Roll San Francisco (49/366)

“As a bike-lover and cyclist, this is the kind of place I wanted to go to, but I couldn’t find that anywhere. So we decided to open Roll San Francisco.”
~ Renita Taylor, co-owner of Roll San Francisco

Today was the grand opening of Roll San Francisco, a full-service bicycle shop in the Potrero district. We happen to be friends with Renita, who is one of the the co-owners, and our friend Laurie just bought a bike, so we thought it would be great to bring her to see the new shop today. Roll San Francisco has longer business hours than most bike shops (8am-7pm Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm Sundays), and because of this, the Grand Opening was truly an all-day affair. When we were there, the place was hopping!

The thing that’s cool and different about Roll San Francisco is that it’s not just a place to come and order a bike, or even just to get repairs or maintenance done (although they can help you with all those things). The difference at Roll San Francisco is that the owners really love bikes, cycling, and really love being around others who do too. When you come in to Roll San Francisco, you’ll not only find a friendly people, and not just super knowledgeable and helpful bicycle enthusiasts, but you’ll also find a cool waiting area with a counter full of books on bikes for you to peruse, along with WiFi so you can, among other things, check in.

A beautiful collection of bikes they’d serviced filled the space.

And they’ve definitely got tools and supplies covered for when you need work done on your bike.

Sam the other co-owner and mechanic is an over 25-year bicycle industry veteran. He’s not only awesome at what he does, he really enjoys it. And how can you not in a great space like this?

If you have a bike, you need to head over and check out Roll San Francisco. You don’t even have to need work done when you visit. Just drop by and say hello to Renita and Sam. Hang out, talk to other enthusiasts, read a book on bikes. When you do need service, Roll San Francisco will be there for you.

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