“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.”
Ecclesiastes 4:9


In 2011, my brilliant, talented, adventurous, crazy husband started a blog called “I’ve Never Done That” – and no two days were ever the same.

Through the year, he accomplished so much and saw so many new things – 365 of them to be exact – and we had a blast along the way.  It was not easy, at times it was pretty stressful, and he had definitely pushed his own boundaries, but it was worth it.  Every time we told someone about the project, they were so excited.  So many people’s faces lit up when we talked about it, or when they got to be involved.  It was the craziest year of our lives … and as the year came to a close, I was just so proud of him.  He had done it.

I thought about all the experiences we had together that were not only his first time, but mine as well.  I also thought about all the things he had done during the year that I had done before him (but got to see again from a different perspective), and all the awesome things he accomplished in 2011 that I still hadn’t.  The project had such a great purpose – to change your life by trying something new every single day.  And by sharing it, others could either relive their own experiences, or get a taste of something they might be interested in, but hadn’t actually done yet.  Plus, it was so fun to read.

As much as it stressed and pushed me just being a partner in the project, I just couldn’t bear to watch it end.  I realized that even though I had learned and experienced a lot just tagging along on the journey that was 2011, that there was still so much to be seen and done, and that although I had been there almost every step of the way, I didn’t get to have a first-hand account in this great experiment of INDT.

So, I took up the torch and spent 2012 pushing myself with something new every day.  I anticipated some overlaps with things he had done (I’d never done a full handstand push-up) and my focus was going to be a bit different (hey, we’re different people, right?), but for me, it was going to be all brand-new.    I’d never done that.

The project is still moving (albeit at a different pace and structure) – more coming soon.  Have any suggestions for us?  Join our Facebook page, and add to the Discussions.

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