Seen My Friend L’s Name in Movie Credits (213/366)

“If you can’t explain it, how can you take credit for it?” ~ Harold Grange

Published an Entire Post Using The iPhone (212/366)

“The iPhone is the most sophisticated, outlook-challenging piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles.” ~ David Pogue

Tried a Potato Chip Chocolate Bar (211/366)

“I started eating healthier. I actually gave up fast food. I gave up candy and potato chips and everything else. I started watching what I ate.” ~ Ryan Lochte

Heard Pixar in Concert (210/366)

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Taken a Class at iTunes U (209/366)

“Researching. Researching things online is very important. Very important.” ~ Jason Welsh

Had Fried Dill Pickles (208/366)

“I know when you think about the South, you think about fried foods, but we eat a tremendous amount of vegetables.” ~ Paula Deen

Done a “Professional” Photo Shoot (207/366)

Matilda: “Uh, Derek, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the belief that some aboriginal tribes hold. It’s the concept that a photo might steal a part of your soul. I mean, what are your thoughts on that as someone who gets his picture taken for a living?” Derek: “Well, I guess I would have […]

Tried Chicken Liver (206/366)

“Liver is my number one most hated food. Oh, God, I get sick talking about it!” ~ Guy Fieri

Steamed Coconut Milk (205/366)

“A fly does not mind dying in coconut cream.” ~¬†Swahili Proverb

Been to Barefoot Coffee Roasters (204/366)

“I’ll quit coffee. It won’t be easy drinking my Bailey’s straight, but I’ll get used to it. It’ll still be the best part of waking up.” ~ Megan Mullally

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